In the past decade S. Raheja has been actively involved in redevelopment projects. We believe redevelopment will have great potential in the coming years. The paucity of land in big cities has given builders the opportunity to re-create old properties, bringing in modern technologies and de-sign cue’s. It is our belief that reconstruction of an existing housing society is not just a new project but that we are rebuilding a home and we are the ideal choice for societies and their residents; as we have the credit of years of experience and goodwill. The Company follow all the norms and guidelines set by the society registrar, and help the residents through this extensive process. Our primary focus when undertaking these projects is to combine contemporary design with substantial practices. This will help reduce the cost of maintenance for the existing members and enhances their quality of life.

Corporate Development:

S. Raheja Realty offers specialised services to our corporate clients. The Company undertakes the designing, building, and interior work as per the client’s specification and hands over a completed, ready to use work environment. The group also strongly believes in multiple uses of one space. An example of this is the Hinduja Healthcare and Surgical, Khar(W) which blends healthcare and hospitality to create a boutique experience.
Our team of dedicated professionals work closely with clients to customise the project. The project management team, engineers, and the architecture and design departments are all involved in each project. They work in complete synergy and strive to exceed expectations with their timely delivery and superior service. The client then, only has to trouble themselves with taking complete possession and do not have to worry about any of the execution details.

Corporate Development
Low Cost Housing

Low Cost Housing

With the high level of disposable income, S. Raheja has ventured into the space of “Affordable Luxury Homes”. The PURE homes will feature clean lines, open spaces, sustainable designs and the latest technologies, highlights in this sector of housing. At S.Raheja we aim to bring you the best without a compromise on quality.

Every step of the process will redefine perfection, keeping with the founding pillars of S.Raheja; Ethics, Experience and Expertise.

Pure perfection, Pure design, Pure belief – PURE by S.Raheja

Second Homes:

We are the pioneers of luxury living and our “Luxury Second Homes” are a reflection of your com-fort zone: homes where you can unwind and truly rejuvenate and reconnect. While designing we keep in mind privacy and relaxation, and these homes allow people to escape the city and retreat to the quite calm of places like Lonavala. These second homes are low maintenance and built using innovative and intuitive architectural and design features.
It is our aim to provide you with the ideal vacation homes in some of the most scenic locations.

Second Homes